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NFT Trading automated systems and analytics tools.

This NFT allows you to be a part of the
NFT Pass community and participate
in the automated trading NFT systems running on the community wallet.

Raising : 50 ETH
Goal: 130 ETH
1 NFT : 0.5 ETH
Goal 1NFT : 1 ETH
10% of deposit goes to direct referrals


See all the transactions in the community wallet.
The only 100% transparent community.

Community wallet


Most Advanced Tracking systems and automated software.


Buy your NFT Pass in opensea


Join our discord and connect your wallet to verify ownership.


Now you have access to all the NFT tracking and updates about the Community wallet trading.

Sit back and relax until we reach the goal.

Whitelist minting tools.

We have tools to increase our chances to gain whitelist spots for high hyped projects and make a profit out of the hype right after mint date.

Wallet tracking system

We collected the most influential traders wallets and we track them in order to select the projects that we believe have potential before anybody else.

Data Science Acceleration

Minting trackers, gas trackers, whale trackers and more... We track every single thing through our automated systems to analyze and decisions are made based in the data before anyone else.

Full Customer Experience Service

Reach out to us in our discord  channel to solve any question in real time.

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